BAD ASSASSINS: Action-Comedy

The two deadliest hitmen in the world have never killed anybody!

Chuck and Andrew are the worst mismatched brothers you could meet. By accident, they work for Boss Lady's Assassination Bureau - but the soft-hearted duo use tranquilizer darts instead of bullets. Their targets are sent to 'Heaven' - a remote farm where they garden to atone for their sins.

When Boss Lady discovers the boys' secret, she goes on the warpath!

Chuck and Andrew have been guiding their targets in the ways of peace - but now they need the motley group of criminals to go back to their old ways and help defend the farm.

Well, good luck with that.

As Boss Lady and her loyal assassins close in, Chuck and Andrew do what they do best: go stupid. Ridiculous traps, scarecrow decoys, killer tractors.

At the last minute, the targets pitch in - but that only makes things worse! A Mexican standoff with Boss Lady means they might all die.

Can our two idiots shoot to kill for once?


Logline: When a Prostitute is beaten unconscious by her Pimp, she awakes with an incredible ability to read Anyone’s Sexual Fantasies, which she uses to fight the Pimp’s gangsters to rescue her 3 yr. old Son. In effect bringing down the Detroit Sex Trafficking Trade.

[OR: A prostitute takes on her pimp and the Detroit sex trafficking trade when she acquires the ability to see ‘toe-sucking’ sexual fantasies and uses them to create dangerously fun chaos and save her son.]

Is she a Detroit Hooker or an ass-kicking Super Hero?!

Tenekwa’s ruthless Pimp, K2, kidnaps her 3 year old son and leaves her for dead. When she comes back to life, she freaks out when she discovers her new ability to SEE other Peoples SEXUAL FANTASIES.

She is saved by Shoalin Monks who take her to their Underground Paradise, where she is taught Kung Fu and how to control her special power.

Tenekwa, in a Shaolin Ceremony, becomes the new warrior: SHI BANG WU.

Rising to the challenge in death-defying ways, she captures dozens of street Gangsters by using their sexual fantasies against them.

She rescues her son, but realizes that the Shaolin Monks must raise and protect him while she continues to fight against sexploitation throughout the world.

PURPLE BALLOON: Action-Comedy (Female Driven)

Logline: A desperate Mother poses as FBI to bring, actually kidnap, a Female Pop Star, across country, to visit her biggest fan: her 17 yr old Daughter, in remission.

What causes an FBI agent to kidnap a famous Pop Singer?

Specially Marge, frumpy & middle-aged, she forces Zinnia to jump off a moving train! Just so they can drive 2,000 miles to NYC for Zinnia’s SNL appearance?! All with a fake FBI badge.

Yes, Marge has an ulterior motive - a stop in Brooklyn.

There she presents her #1 Fan, her cancer-stricken Daughter. On the way, chaotic action as Marge and Zinnia, as different from each other as can be, have to keep going East despite different people tracking them down.

Arriving at Marge’s in Brooklyn, usually empathetic toward suffering individuals, Zinnia can’t stand Marge’s betrayal and writes her off as a pathetic liar and crook.

Marge is shunned but her Daughter gets a front row seat to the SNL performance.

As Marge and Zinnia duke it out later, in a stretch Hummer, will they forgive one another? Can Marge forgive herself?



Logline: An Ex-Navy Seal sneaks onboard a cruise ship to save his ex-wife and son from her new boyfriend and his gang of murdering thieves.


An Ex-Navy SEAL finds a peaceful getaway in the Bahamas and a chance to see his Son when his X-Wife stops there on her cruise.

His training gets the better of him when he eyes suspicious thug-types board the Crew Entrance with guns.

He swims under the ship to board on the other side as a stowaway.

Destiny plays out when he forms a connection with the Casino Security Chief who lends him two Desert Eagle semi-automatic handguns - armor-piercing and powerful - the “Specials” he used on Bin-Laden.

Though the odds are not in his favor; neither were they for John McClane.