THE DREAM WEAVER: A One Hour Psychological Drama

What if Dreams could be a source of healing?

Jack, 70s, is on his deathbed ... but his estranged daughter won’t visit because of his mental and verbal abuse to her as a child. When he discovers his dreams can recreate memories - from bad to good, he sets out to heal their relationship.

What would you change if you could go back in time to recreate the present?

Jack did, and got to see his estranged Daughter, Amy, before he dies.

In fact he becomes a Prophet of Mental Health techniques, only… there are side effects.

PORTAL: A One Hour Sci-Fi Drama

Logline: Tate Shannon works around the clock as a police detective to find his missing son, Jimmy, and solve the dozens of other missing children cases, and is eventually hit with the outrageous fact that Aliens are on Earth and have taken these children.

Police Detective Tate Shannon works around the clock to solve dozens of missing children cases, including his own sons.

He is hit with the outrageous fact that Aliens are on Earth and have taken these children.

His own father plays a part of this secret government department which communicates with these aliens.He will go against his father’s will to speak with the aliens himself.

Shannon discovers that they are not even on Earth, but on the Aliens’ planet. Also that he and his own son are part alien themselves, and may be humanity’s only hope of getting back to Earth at all.

RECRUITMENT: A One Hour Political Drama

Logline: A Government shadow group manipulates ordinary citizens to create abhorrent crimes for which illegal immigrants will be framed and brought to justice. The End Game: Build enough public outrage to force leaders to close the U.S. borders for the first time ever in our nation’s history.

Immigration lawyer Claudia Williams' perfect marriage ends when her

husband dies suspiciously while performing relief work in Haiti.

Life with her old, dear friend Kemper is good, in Manhattan, when an Illegal Immigrant, Omar, is arrested for a heinous crime. Omar says he was framed, so Claudia takes his case, not realizing the powerful people involved.

But Omar’s arrest follows an eerily similar pattern; immigrants appear to be committing crimes at abnormally high rates. And Kemper is keenly interested in them all.

Later we will find out it is Kemper’s diabolical plan to flood the Five Boroughs with press-worthy criminal arrests involving Immigrants, so he can rally public outrage to close the U.S. borders.

Of course, on this scale, no-one acts alone, and it is a secret government program, who is pulling Kemper’s strings and orchestrating a bigger Nationalist movement, involving top government officials who work in the shadows of our public government; making “of, by and for the People” a joke.

Will anyone be able to stop them? Does Claudia have a snowball’s chance in hell to make a difference?

THE NO SHOW: A One Hour Horror Anthology Series

Pilot episode: THE WISHING WELL

At a beautiful Fantasy Castle Location, a YOUNG BRIDE has her dream wedding. But later she and her GROOM gets furious at the NO SHOWS .

At the wishing well they wish horrible deaths for all the No Shows, and toss their place cards in the well.

Then: The GHOST OF THE SUICIDAL BRIDE floats out of the well, with the Place Cards - on a mission. Bride and Groom try to stop her, but she’s a ghost and flies away. They get their invite list and go to warn the No-Shows.

Many No-Shows die before they realize a way to release the Ghost Bride to continue her journey to heaven.