30 minutes Shows

FRANKEN 13: A Half Hour Comedy

An unemployed Father, SHANE STEVENS, forces his daughter, BRIANA, 13, to be a Utube star to pay the bills; until she becomes a Diva bitch, then he and her mother (his Wife, MIDGE), do what they can to bring her down but it always backfires and brings the Daughter more success.

BE BETTER!: A Half Hour Comedy-Satire

When a top Self Help Guru serves time for taking advantage of 40 female followers, he organizes his seminars to help Men only, hoping to get out of his destitute state, physically and mentally. A Satire on Tony Robbins.

RACIST ROBOTS: A Half Hour Comedy

Logline: A. I. Test Robots are given to an African-American family and one

to a White Nationalist family. Both neighbors. Trouble starts when

both robots exchange their social content - shouts white supremest

dogma and MLK’s I Have A Dream speech to the wrong one’s big

4th of July party!

William, an African-American Publicist to A-List Stars, who has truly achieved the American dream for him and his family, feels it slip away when his AI test robot shouts white supremest dogma to his Hollywood Clientele at his big 4th of July house party!

His only hope is to make the world aware that the US Government is bringing AI robots into homes to turn them racist and cause otherwise good people to go to war with their neighbors.

One of these neighbors is Tom, the White Nationalist, and his family, who live across the street on the poorer side of Sunset Blvd.

Tom also was given a Government test AI Robot, who also went awol playing MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech full blast during his annual 4th of July B-B-Q party of Confederate flag enthusiasts - who become just as horrified.

They both unite to protest the Government program which is responsible. Will they expose them and be able to stop the hate?


By James Ridgley

Format is a on-the-go as A Corporate Camera Crew is sent to the Hotel 3 in Ashland, Oregon to film a “day in the life” of their Manager-Of-The-Year Award Finalist: Dexter Mooney.

The Camera Crew and Director are heard various times over the crazy things which happen to Dexter as he goes about his Job Duties on a day to day basis. Even though they are mostly seen for the end buttons, they vastly affect the feeling of the show particularly in the relentless thrust of the show through their interest in filming everything and definitively with the Season 2 Raison-de-entre. If it were not for the Director and Camera crew searching tirelessly, and actually finding Dexter again, reinventing himself as the Manager of a Family Hotel in the SouthWest Desert, there wouldn’t be a Season 2.

This is a show about what we take for granted and also about the general brainwashing about the American Dream which has perpetuated our collective psyches. The Corporate Video Crew are hired to put the most successful face on their Chosen Employee of the Year, and this video needs to prove them right, that Dexter Mooney is worthy of the award, but when circumstances beyond his control end up exposing human foibles and sad events it can only stop the “all is well” narrative Hotel 3 would like to convey in their “Corporate Branding Message.” Everyone is not always happy nor safe, nor satisfied. People make bad decisions and emotions, not pragmatism, most often rules the day.

SEASON ONE will take us on a journey of a small town Hotel Manager who strives to abide by the rules of the Hotel 3 Corporate Handbook, fully and everyday, and also abide by the Golden Rule in all of his personal interactions. Simply, for Dexter, it is a journey which will end with a rebirth. That perhaps, the so-called “American Dream - Big Business are the Good Guys” - isn’t exactly what it’s cracked up to be. Only through the lost of those he holds dear, and his own near-death experience cause him to reflect and tear off the clothes of false propriety, and greed for money and acknowledgment - The Manager Of The Year Award” - to bring balance back to a person thrown so terribly off-balance.


DEXTER MOONEY, 35, fit and not bad looking, is a caring, capable manager who ceaselessly applies innovation and his own brand of street smarts to improve the Guests hotel experience so they have a carefree, stress free and indeed - a heavenly stay at his Hotel. Although his compassion for people and willingness to help anyone is real, we do sense that he is humbily conceited.

STEVE, 25, boyish, with an underlying personality issue, his trusty Assistant Manager, idolizes Dexter and always is eager to please him but does run short at times with the painstaking attention to detail he directed to take, which is often time-consuming to complete. He plays guitar and enjoys juggling while in his underwear, which becomes a problem when he tends to choose attractive Woman - hotel guests and even Dexters own girlfriend to juggle for.

DELILAH, 31, Dexter’s X-Girlfriend, a blonde suicidal, mind-in-the-clouds waif, who hasn’t gotten over her break up with Dexter, and while she doesn’t force herself upon him, she loves him deeply and has written and performed many love poems about him and will do on the spur readings of them to anyone at anytime. Most will see the exterior brightness she has, while seething deep within is a dark sadness. She is not afraid to be fiesty and can get away with it because of her killer smile.

KELSEY, early 20’s, Dexter’s current girlfriend is a true innocent. Totally naive and simple, she lives at the hotel - in room provided and protected by Dexter, who saved her life when she and her brand new Husband spent one night at the hotel and after consumption of the marriage said husband left her forever. Dexter took the shattered young Lady and gave her unconditional love and slowly has built up her confidence such that she does Arts and Crafts and sells them in Lithia Park to tourists. Of course she makes ceramic objects which resemble boobs with nipples and cocks with balls and public hair, and gets kicked out at different times for doing so. Later we find out that she is a total nymphomaniac - which is why her new husband left her at the hotel - she had sex with him for 24 hours straight and wouldn’t let him stop!

S. 1 E. 1

The Director and Camera Crew arrive and shoot establishing shots of the hotel when Steve tries, with odd passive-aggressive tactics, to get rid of them until Dexter arrives with iced Tea for everyone and finds out who they really are: sent by Corporate Hotel 3 to film an intro about him for the coming National Convention where he will receive the Hotel 3 Manager Of The Year Award.

Because of all Steve’s bluster they decide to interview him first. As Steve warms up to the crew he eventually grabs his guitar and plays while standing and hopping on the Hotel room bed.

They do man-on-the-street interviews of many of the Guests - all who have great things to say about Dexter; except maybe one or two.

Then they cover Dexter and Steve making the rounds at the main desk and the breakfast area, refilling coffee containers and keeping the OJ dispenser up to the fill line. Dexter gives a wondrous account of all the activities they have throughout the year in the specially outfitted activities room. After a tour of the laundry facilities there is a drama happening inside the food machine/ice room. An Angry MALE GUEST wonders why there are no Moon-Pies left in one of the machines. He has a pocket full of quarters and wants to buy his Moon-Pies. Dexter calms him down offering him other snacks for free and ordering Steve to take his $20 and go to the corner market to get Moon-Pies.

When Dexter walks out of the hotel with the Male Guest, Ashland Police Cars screetch in and arrest him for breaking into the downtown parking coin machines. Steve arrives with the Moon-Pies and Dexter, out of compassion, gives the Guest the moon-pies anyway.

KELSEY comes out to see what the fuss is, and Dexter tries to hide her from the Cameras who try to film them. Also Kelsey fondles Dexter’s private parts and tries to take him back to her room. He finally admits that she is his girlfriend; sort’ve.

In the The Director Hotel Room: The Director and Editor and the Camera Crew look at the editing set-up and at this last revelation that Dexter has a girlfriend living at the hotel and saying What the Fuck! And they agree that they shouldn’t send this footage to the Hotel 3 Corporate offices just yet.

S. 1 E. 2

There is a delivery of 8 brand new 54” HD Flatscreen TVs. When pressured for an answer it seems odd but Steve says it’s Dexter’s great idea to put them into what will be called “Luxury” rooms and with the Portland Trailblazers assured a shot in the coming NBA finals, it’s a great way to almost double the nightly costs of these specific rooms. But Dexter denies it and brags that there will be no extra costs. AND later can be seen - far away - having an intense conversation with Steve, who hangs his head down in shame.

While giving a tour of Lithia Park, Dexter brings the camera crew on a wilderness hike. They almost walk over a passed out Homeless MAN, on a patch of grass. As Dexter is concerned about him he realizes it is his old community collage acting Teacher, MR. BROOMBERG. Asking asking for a handout he realizes it’s old Dexter who was in that play he directed or so. As he tells Dexter he saw the article about him becoming Manager of the Year, Dexter gets all gushy but then he tells him about all the misfortunes that have made him homeless - Dexter tires to leave by continuing the “On Camera Tour” of the park. Broomberg follows him asking for room at the hotel or a job, and when Dexter tries to pull cash out of his pocket for him he drops a master Hotel keycard and Broomberg picks it up and says “For me?! Oh, thanks you, Dexter, you’re the best!!” Broomberg leaves before Dexter can get the keycard back, and all flushed continues the tour for camera.

Later that night, while enjoying a Puppet Show in the activities room, where several children are crying - horrified at the violence of the Punch ’n Judy Puppet show that many of them leave with angry comments under their parents breaths. To avoid another catastrophe Dexter takes the camera crew to the indoor salon room. Once inside they are barraged by many Guests rushing out, again with angry comments under their breaths. Dexter goes past a few jacuzzi pools to the sauna to find a pile of filthy and awfully smelling men’s clothes. They open the door to find Broomberg totally naked and passed out on a bench by the sputtering hot rocks, with a huge smile on his face.

Dexter takes him out, puts towels over his naked body and offers clothes from the hotel’s lost and found for him.

As the cameras linger in the sauna room, they spy a delicate piece of ladies underwear, then a naked Kelsey comes out from the foggy corner, then like a deer caught in the headlights darts out the exit door as fast as she can. The Director’s hand comes into view and takes the underwear for his to keep.

In the Director’s Hotel Room: Again - they have their editing console - the Director and cameramen talk about whether they should should keep this footage also from their corporate employers for now.

S. 1 E. 3

Dexter gives a tour of the College he attended, while taking Broomberg’s acting class, when his x-girlfriend arrives and interrupts him. They have a fight and Dexter tries to restart the tour but she interrupts again and again, all at different college locations. They even have a pushing fight before, finally, Dexter throws down his lap mic and leaves.

As Dexter and DELILAH, the X- Girlfriend go separate ways the Director, ultimately, chooses to follow the wacky x-girlfriend. They interview her and she goes into a long poem she wrote about her love for Dexter and keeps reciting it as she drops to the ground in a rose garden, pawing the ground on all fours. She picks a rose and deflowers it petal by petal until she finishes the poem and actually eats the last big rose petal.

They catch up to Dexter, in front of the Laundry Cleaning building. Behind him, he brags, is where, for 2 years, he did his clothes. Just then An OLDER COUPLE ARRIVE. It is Dexter’s Parents! Dexter is so ashamed, more so about his Father, who has to force a hug out of him, whereas he gives Mom quite a warm and tight hug and kiss.

He sets them up with a hotel room, and tells them he’ll go out to Dinner with them later.

Through a room, the Camera spies on Dexter and Kelsey having wild sex; each time Dexter is through - Kelsey begins again. Finally Dexter checks his watch and furiously gets dressed. We sense he is ordering Kelsey to get dressed for dinner.

Steve is at the door with an urgent message as he points up toward another floor. Dexter looks at his watch and decides he has time and joins Steve.

Interview with Kelsey: In the room just after Dexter and Steve leave. Kelsey has her slips on before getting into her dress for dinner. She is quite hot with ample boobs and cleavage. She paints a glorious picture of Dexter, the kind-hearted person who saved her when her husband left her at the hotel after one night. How good is at his job but mostly as a great person. When questioned about whether this is her room she gets really weird and avoids the question and finally says that it would be against the rules and that Dexter would never ever go against the rules that were in the Hotel Handbook. He’s memorized it all for God’s sake!

In the room: - the Editor does a post- slow- zoom in on Kelsey’s cleavage during the interview they just recorded.

S. 1 E. 4

The same night as the Camera surprise Dexter and Kelsey as they walk out the door, dressed to go out to dinner. The Cameras follow the nicely dressed couple to another room way down the hall but it is a WOMAN with her twin children, one sucking on each tit.

Dexter wonders where his Dad is. She says they just got into the room an hour ago. They go to the lobby and find ADRIAN, the hostess, reading from her gold-encrusted bible. Dexter’s asks where his Father is and she explains how to find the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. After many attempts to out-quote each other between religious doctrine and Dexter’s more Agnostic view of mankind and a higher power but one inside of mankind, not on a cross or inside a gold-covered book. “Then why do you have Bibles in every room of your hotel and not Playboy magazines?” As they counter each other, Kelsey fingers herself to orgasm while looking at a vacation pamphlet.

Finally he finds out which room his Dad is in. Dexter’s Dad lets them inside. Dad goes back to his wonderful collection of tiny alcohol bottles he has on his bed. Taking a shot he says that his Mom is in the bathroom, been there for an hour. As Dexter talks to her, she says she’s almost finished but they hear another muffed voice, that of a Man Speaking Spanish. Dexter tries to get Kelsey back to where Dad is, laughing and guzzling his tiny bottles of vodka and scotch. But Kelsey recognizes the Man’s voice and bands on the door: “Manual, is that you?? That better NOT be you!! I’m not kidding!”

She bangs more on the door. Dad keeps laughing and guzzling and in the total mayhem: Dexter just sits on the edge of the other bed and begins to cry.

In the Room: - editing, the Director and camera crew laugh and laugh as they play and reverse Dexter on his crying jag!

S. 1 E. 5

2 am, Inside the lobby, Dexter talks about the various paintings hanging on the walls of the small Lobby, when Steve whispers an urgent message to Dexter, who excuses himself and leaves. Steve takes over and says the weirdest shit he makes up about the paintings but makes it somehow captivating. The Director motions the Second Camera to follow Dexter.

Dexter goes outside to the hotel trash bins, where there is noise. “God-damn raccoons again!” But no, as Dexter’s X-Girlfriend, Delilah, pops out holding up 2 used condoms and yells that this is proof he is having sex with hotel guests. She digs for more trash as Dexter demands that she get out of there and leave. She demands that he promise to take her to Dinner at “Rob’s House Of Chard,” - the most expensive restaurant in Ashland, which isn’t saying much. He agrees but she demands that they get it on paper and sign it but before Dexter can go inside the hotel she dives in and finds a pen and a Kotex box, greasy with slimy trash, and as disgusting as it is to Dexter, it is fine with her because she thinks of it as a lawful written agreement.

Dexter washes his hands and face in the lobby restroom, and slaps himself to continue to function. He relieves Steve of his stories, and asks the Director and camera crew that perhaps they call it a night, when Steve returns and again whispers into Dexter’s ear. Dexter announces that they are lucky as they will see how he handles a disturbance in one of the rooms.

As they make it to room 108, they hear music. Knocking and then opening the door the music is 5 times older and the it is packed with PEOPLE drinking, and smoking and throwing up in the toilet and dancing. Dexter turns off the CD and demands to know who is the Hotel Guest. Guests are rude, continue drinking and snorting, and 2 dogs jump in and out of the window, whose screen is all broken. Dexter sees that Broomberg is there, with ivy vines around his body as if in camouflage; also hid Dad is there, sitting next to a young Coed, passing a joint. He starts to flip out about all of it when:

In through this window now enters BRYAN, who is all fucked up, with a bong and lights it for Dexter but he refuses. Bryan explains they are just having fun and it will all end very shortly but for now he, Dexter, and the camera crew must join them.

Bryan drags Dexter outside and tries to force a beer down Dexter’s mouth, but he begins listing all the laws he is breaking. As he walks away, talking to the camera how this will all be taken care of in the morning, a bald MALE GUEST #1, walks out Bryan’s door and tells Dexter that he is the Anit-Christ! Dexter continues talking to camera about how Bryan will face the consequences and pay for all damages.

Soon After: The Camera sneaks a shot through a Hotel window where Dexter and Kelsey are taking hits off a bong of their own.

In the hotel room - editing - again they decide to send the B-roll of the city and not the bong footage.

S. 1 E. 6

It is the next morning and Dexter is happy and anxious to get back to room 108. No one answers his knock so he opens the door to the sound of growling dogs. Once inside they stop growling. It is all dark except for the light coming out from the bottom of the bathroom door. He opens it to see Bryan is naked, coiled up in barbed wire with a the open end of a broken beer bottle inside one of his eyes, stone cold dead.

He creeps inside and turns on a light to see the room trashed! On the floor is a YOUNG MAN, face down on the carpet, apparently dead. Dexter checks for a pulse when the Young Man wakes up with a start. He mumbles and can’t seem to remember anything but what a great party it was. When Dexters demands what he knows about the dead body he bolts out the door. Dexter chances him the long length of the hallway and trips just before the turn into the lobby. He face planes the floor and can’t get up in time to finish the chase.

The police come and all Dexter can say to identify the Young Man is that if Ed and Sally - who own the Butcher shop, were melded together it would look like him. Dexter and the camera crew get into the police car and drive across the way to the Butcher store. They get into a big argument but eventually produce their Son, who is the YOUNG MAN and does look like a meld of his Parents. But the Young Man says he wasn’t even there. Just then the Young Man’s TWIN BROTHER walks in and they accuse each other of being the one at the party.

When a fight breaks out between the Twins, compassionate Dexter tries to break it us buts gets cold cocked and lights out.

The Camera team interviews the Main Cop about Dexters and he tries to say really nice things about him but keeps laughing toward the end and ruins the take.

In the Room: the Crew try to freeze frame just before the laugh but it just doesn’t work no matter how they try to end the sentence before the laugh.

S. 1 E. 7

A montage of Dexter and Steve on a regular work day: fluffing pillows, changing sheets, checking the laundry machines for lint, taking a break for juggling practice, where Dexter encourages Steve with his improved juggling technique. They go back to work and rearrange the pool furniture. Dexter puts the chairs and loungers one way then Steve moves it somewhere else then Dexter puts it back, none seem the wiser for what trouble the other one is causing. All to the SADE song “YOUR LOVE IS KING.”

Steve uses a pool instrument to clean the below water surface of the pool, then Dexter, in his suit and tie, takes his Hotel vest off, holds up a toothbrush and announces “And now for the detail work” - and he dives into the pool and scrubs the bottom with the tiny toothbrush.

In fresh clothes again, Dexter knocks on his Dad’s door. Comes in and Mom isn’t there. Dad’s says, while drinking from a big bottle of scotch, that she’s gotten her own room. Dexter finds the number and goes right upstairs and goes inside to see that Steve has his pants down, in his boxer shorts and shirt open, juggling three balls for his Mom who is laying beneath the covers, sitting up in bed. Dexter kicks Steve out, then breaks down begging Mom WHY? His Mom says not to worry and that she still loves him more then anything, that he’s the Prince in her life. He cries on her shoulder, and blocks the camera from seeing him cry.

When Dexter returns to the lobby his Dad rushes out with his suitcase. He follows him outside to the parking lot, begging him to talk but he throws his suitcase in the back of his Jeep and burns rubber turning out of the parking lot.

LATER: Preparrations are made inside the Activities room, for the July 4th FREE DINNER for the HOMELESS. Kelsey is in the Hotel kitchen having a breakdown as she prepares soup and chicken and mashed potatoes, all by herself. Dexter begs his old College Drama Teacher, Broomberg, to give a speech to stall the restless Homeless Guests. Also regular Guests complain as to why they cannot come in for the free dinner as well. Bloomberg gets all the Homeless out of their chairs and clears a space and leads them in theater games: imitating animals; changing emotions from sad, happy, angry, scared, and a few more emotions which boggle their minds: “prepubescent fear;” “middle-age irony;” “claustrophobic happiness.”

The kitchen is a disaster, chickens falling on the floor; a whole container of salt accidentally poured into the soup pot; buns burning in the oven. Dexter throws in a bunch of packages worth of tater tots and says it’ll be fine, but Kelsey is so miserable she just wants to give Dexter a blowjob. (Remember: she is a nymphomaniac)

Back In the Activities Room: the Homeless are in pairs throughout the room, acting out the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene. Dexter comes in with the soup and when it is served, they spit it out and groan! They go for their water glasses. They chant: “WE WANT FOOD! WE WANT FOOD!” over and over.

Dexter enters with 2 huge platter of tater tots, with Kelsey following with 2 more platters. Dinner is saved. They are all nice and enjoy the food. Kelsey brings Dexter back to the kitchen to ready the dozens of cupcakes. Kelsey pushes Dexter over to the dish washing area, and gives Dexter his blowjob. It gets so wild that he reaches for something to hang onto but it’s the overhear dishwasher spray hose and he ends up spraying water all over both of them.

IN the Room: Director and crew sit in form of the editing console and watch Kelsey’s the wet t-shirt show with extreme close-ups.

S. 1 E. 8

The camera crew follow Dexter to have Sunday morning breakfast in a local eatery where he bumps into his Dad, at a table with a HOOKER-LOOKING WOMAN. They all squeeze into his round table and argue about why he is still in Ashland, and who is this woman. Dad lets loose with the fact that his Mom “isn’t your real mom anyway; you’re adopted.” Dexter storms away while the Director interviews Dad. Finally they all go back to the hotel so Dad can tell his wife that he wants a divorce. They get to the room and go inside and Dexter is in bed with SOMEONE but covers the person up under the sheets and grabs his clothes and bolts out of there!

As they follow Dad back out to his Jeep to leave for good this time, he tells the Camera guys that his real Mom “lives in Los Angeles, Lynn and Roger Norris, in Encino!”

Cut to Encino and Lynn tells the Director and camera crew, all about how they had to put little “Justin” up for adoption because he didn’t pass the early childhood Mensa tests like all their other children. She wishes her Son well, up there in Ashland.

Back in Ashland, the Director bumps into the X-Girlfriend who tells them about the secret life which Dexter had when he lived in Portland during his wild early 20’s. They meet up with “Chocolate” a black MAN whose career is performing as a woman impersonator. “She” tells them all about Dexter and “her” being lovers for years and their pet turtles, who they called “Patty” and “Cakes” cuz when they bought them they thought they would be together forever like patty cakes.

The last thing Chocolate says is that Dexter was the best fuck of his life!

Back at the room - no editing - everyone is passed out, except for the Director who feeds his new pet turtles: are then Patty and Cakes?

S. 1 E. 9

In the morning, the Director stops the Editor from trying to mail the footage to the corporate offices. He says he’ll keep it and they will make their own incredible documentary as their own film; sure to make tons of money, win awards and make them famous.

They interview Dexter and after all the cliche questions, they grill him about his real Parents, and about his Gay lover Chocolate. He says he’ll tell them if they turn the cameras off. Of course they lie and keep them on and he gives them the story but not the sordid details.

That night Dexter and Steve show the Camera team how they go into each room and put Mints on all the bed pillows. Dexter explains it as they do it: open the package and put an uncovered Chocolate Mint on the pillow. They then go to the bed of the next hotel room but there is a Dead body. It’s Guest #1 from the Party, who lies on the bed, face up, with a bullet hole in his forehead.

They step back into the hallway and blame each other for not going back into the room to do something about the poor dead guy. Instead they go back to the other rooms to finish but they have no more mints. Steve goes to the candy machine and gets a large package of M&M’s cuz there were out of mints. Dexter orders Steve to open the package as he opens the next Guest Door but half the M&M’s burst out of the package onto the floor. Steve rushes on the floor to scoop up the M&M’s but Dexter has had enough and leaves.

They film as Cops and an ambulance roll the Dead Guest’s #1’s body outside. They wait for the ambulance back doors to open when, the Dead Guest#1 FARTS loudly and his head falls over toward camera, his dead eyes pop open and freak out the camera crew!

In the room: the Director, Editor and Camera guys all eat M&M’s and laugh.

S. 1 E. 10

Through a window into Dexter’s office is Dexter and the Police Officer from earlier, in full discussion. One of the Camera Guys gets his GoPro camera fitted into his overalls, grabs his sponge and bucket and goes into the office to record the conversation. As the Officer says “all the deaths in the city this last week have all come from here.” The WORKER CAMERA GUY does really odd cleaning and body contortions to keep the camera on the subjects as he cleans. Dexter promises rooms for all his guys on the weekends if he can keep this out of the news for now, and that he will do some reconnaissance on his own to prevent any future deaths. The Officer mentions that there is a rumor of a wild sex maniac in one of the rooms who will “do” just about anyone. Dexter says he’ll look into that as well.

Later Steve and Dexter put drinking glasses up to the doors, and work their way down the 2nd floor rooms. They hear odd arguments and nosies but no wild sex noises. At the farthest one they hear wild female sex noises. They refer to their guest book and see it is a MISS OREGON staying for two nights. They figure this is the wild sex maniac the Officer was talking about. They listen again and Steve is totally aroused and in love. Soon the door opens and Miss Oregon walks out with her little Skipperkee Dog, who Iicks her little lips, while Miss Oregon looks disheveled and finishes buttoning her blouse. The dog barks only at Steve. After she leaves Steve is still google-eyed but Dexter says she booked the room alone. When the coast is definitely clear they go in the room and it is empty. On the sly, Steve steals her dirty underwear.

They dismiss her as the Sex Maniac and go about their own duties.

Dexter gives an on-camera tour of the Lobby Reception desk. He goes through how to swipe the keycards and shows the Lost & Found closet. He has a few stories about it, then finds a ladies pair of underwear (different then Miss Oregon’s which Steve took) and sees the label says “KELSEY” - he hides it quick.

One Camera picks up Miss Oregon returning and going upstairs and follows Steve as he eyes her, grabs a few apples and a basket and heads up.

Camera stays back but sees Steve smell the underwear, pocket it and then knock and say: “Fruit Basket for our Favorite Guests.” The door opens and he goes in and the Dog is heard yapping away.

Soon after the door opens and Steve rushes to get downstairs. The Camera guy gets to the open door and creeps in - She is in the shower so he hides in the closet and shoots from there.

Downstairs: Dir and Camera catches Steve take a sleeping tablet, grinds it and puts the powder into a small bowl of water. They follow him back upstairs.

From the closet camera POV: the Dog drinks from Steve’s bowl of water and falls asleep. Steve makes out with Miss Oregon, but when it might lead to more she wants her dog to join. She compares her asleep dog’s tongue to Steve’s tongue and gives the okay nod for him to pleasure her.

In the Room: the Crew laugh about the One Camera Guy still up in Miss Oregon’s room.

S. 1 E. 11

At the Reception Desk, Dexter makes a list of things to buy. He tells Steve: “Miss Oregon has stayed all week and we seem to be out of apples.” Steve blushes but makes no comment, except for “Yes, and we seem to be out of little baskets, too.”

Out shopping, Dexter sees his Mom! They talk and she is having the time of her life in her new place and her new life. They follow her to a ranch up the hill. It is a Commune - full of nude people. They all get introduced. Dexter is in shock, and Steve plays coy, takes lots of iPhone pix on the down low. Dexter is repulsed and convinces her to stay at the hotel for free.

That night Mom has a bunch of the naked commune PEOPLE over to her Hotel room for an “oil party.” Dexter exposes the wild orgy and Mom explains that they said “Oil Party, and I thought they meant like a ‘Castor oil party’ - like what I fed you every day for ten years.” It turns out to be containers of Message Oil and it is everywhere and Dexter, his Mom, and Steve and the Camera Guys all slide all over the room because of it. It seems like so much falling and slipping and sliding happens that one or two of them accidentally become naked and have accidental penetration with others! Just at the peak of the wild confusion of it all A COMMUNE GUY drops dead.

Since the Ambulance is on the way, Dexter gets some of his own clothes for the dead Commune Guy with no clothes of his own. As the medical people take him out of the room, Kelsey happens to see the clothed body and thinks it is Dexter who is being covered as if he is dead! She runs to the covered Dead Man and begs God to bring him back to life. Dexter returns and, unseen, witnesses it all. KELSEY: “I’ll stop having affairs with juggling Steve; and Manuel, the Gardner; and never have Todd, the pool man ever again.” DEXTER: (to himself) I didn’t know we had a pool guy.” Kelsey continues naming Men and how she’d give them all if Dexter can be alive again.

Mom exposes Dexter, asking him to help. Kelsey is shocked, not knowing if he hear her or not. Mom asks to be introduced to his Girlfriend he has talked so much about. It’s very uncomfortable for Dexter and Kelsey.

In the Room: the Director and crew all agree this will make a great movie.

S. 1 E. 12

Dexter and Steve do various duties around the Hotel including fixing the light bulbs on the Vacancy Sign.

The Crew follow Dexter with his tour of Downtown Ashland when he bumps into an old friend in front of the Movie Theater. He asks if he could have free movie tickets again and she says okay because you have your Manager of the Year award. He says that there’s a Party for him tomorrow night. When she asks to be invited he makes an excuse and gets away quick. Later Dexter explains that she was his Prom Date and wouldn’t kiss him goodnight so she doesn’t deserve anything from him.

Back at the hotel: Steve and Dexter finish up some business and Steve goes home. Dexter explains some of the history of the hotel and the city. He makes the last rounds and then pops in on Kelsey’s room where Steve is juggling in his boxer shorts again with Kelsey as a captive audience. Steve and Dexter have a lame fight where Steve explodes for the first time ever! Dexter chases him out and he has a talk with Kelsey, who sees nothing wrong with Steve showing his “Art” to her. She says no sex was involved, but Dexter still can’t handle it as a man and leaves, telling her she can stay until tomorrow night when they will still go to the Party which the city of Ashland is putting on for him at a Mansion in the hills.

Steve is outside the room when Dexter comes out and they have a big argument and Steve yells at the camera crew for filming all this and palms one of the cameras hard, on his way out.

In the room: The editor distorts and replay Steve angry close-up face as he yells at them and palms the camera lens and it goes to digital noise.

S. 1 E. 13

Dexter brings the Camera Crew to the workout room and gets on the treadmill for an interview. He answers questions while he obviously doesn’t know how to keep the speed at a constant exercise pace, and almost falls a few times, but manages to convene the excitement of tonight’s party.

NIGHT: Dexter and Kelsey get out of the car and enter the Party. Lurking about is Delilah, the X-Girlfriend, who is in shock to see Kelsey there with Dexter. When he goes off, Delilah has an all out brawl with Kelsey, pulling her hair and pushing her down and everything. Then when people break them up they agree to have a dance-off competition, which gets ugly!

Dexter gets on the Band Stage and gives a thank-you speech to everyone. When he gets off the stage a Hotel 3 CORPORATE “SUIT” pulls him aside and recaps all the things they have heard about going on at the hotel and that his award is revoked and he is suspended until an internal investigation. This puts Dexter into a maelstrom of emotion. He looks like death warmed over but won’t explain to poor Kelsey, who pleads over and over again to tell her what has happened.

He exits the Party to have Delilah knock into him, sobbing, as she runs barefoot down the steep hill toward the city.

Dexter walks to the hotel. He walks down the first floor hallway where many of the rooms have yellow police DO NOT CROSS tape across the doors. It seems a disaster area with so many rooms closed for further police investigation.

He walks the Ashland streets and comes upon a crowd, and several firetrucks and police cars. He can’t seem to hear anything being yelled at him as he approaches a white sheet over a body at the base of the tall apartment building. Dozens of sad people watch the covered body and talk amongst themselves. He uncovers the body and sees it is his Delilah. He cries out and runs away, into the dark, dark night.

As dawn barely arrives Dexter climbs up four flights of an abandoned building. He gets to the top, talks to himself a bit and then jumps.

As he falls - floor after floor - it seems forever until he face plants onto a lush lawn of thick green grass. The camera lingers on him for a long time. Even the Director and crew perhaps sob a bit but are mostly reverent. Dexter is surely dead. Then Dexter stirs! He slowly gets up. Shakes off what would have been his death. Rips the Hotel Vest uniform off his body and celebrates his new life. He thanks the Director and each of the camera crew for finally seeing what his life should be, and he runs, wildly happy, into the coming sunrise…. To a new life.

SEASON 2 will explore the Director and Camera crew finding Dexter working at a small mom and pop Hotel in the Desert, and how he manipulates the Owners into giving him partial ownership and the fatal “Accident” which takes the owners lives, leaving the entire Hotel to himself.

SEASON 3 will see the return of his girlfriend Kelsey, who has become schizophrenic and switches from her naive innocence to a sarcastic hard ass, and plans his demise but only when she becomes that personality. Dexter becomes weak and let’s Kelsey win by hitting the road again.

SEASON 4 - Dexter writes a play about his life, lies to investors, and nearly destroys himself when he becomes a narcissistic, demonizing, demoralizing Director. Will the play be a success and become an example of the means justifies the Ends, or just a pathetic passion project that gets canceled after Opening night?

SEASON 5 will see the premiere of the Director’s Documentary of Dexter Mooney, and the insane group of agitators - lead by Dexter - to have it banned. Dexter ends up on trial for his antics and the film becomes legend, such that Dexter disrupts his own trail to film it himself in the hope that the sequel will be even better.