MISUNDERSTOOD: Coming-of-age-drama.

A recluse teen comes of age while waiting to get in a university, dealing with a first love and an autism diagnosis.


When a lonely Man, a recluse living in his Santa Monica apartment, finds a Mexican Woman at his door, desperately searching for her missing brother, he goes against all his instincts to help her search for him despite them not being able to communicate barely a word to each other.


Logline: A rage-aholic father relives her daughter’s death in a school bus crash every day, ala Groundhog Day, until he learns to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her.

What would you do to save your daughter’s life?

An LAPD Detective learns his daughter died in an accidental School bus crash.

Trapped in a time loop, he finds nothing can save his daughter, as her death repeats every new day, until he learns to control his rage with the help of an LAPD psychiatrist.

It seem the only way to save his daughter and her 22 classmates is to sacrifice himself by stepping in front of the School Bus.

Surviving his injuries he now has his daughter back and a new life.

JUNE: Drama

Logline: (sorry but I have 2)

1. A Social Media site helps jar a young Woman’s memory to realize the older Man she lives with actually kidnapped her, gave her a new name and a life which she has always felt bad about.

2. Suffering from Stockholm syndrome - a Young Woman creates a fake FB identity which eventually jars her memory that she was taken over a dozen years ago and her supposed much Older “Husband” is her kidnapper.

Query Letter:

What happens when a 7 Yr. Old Girl spends 15 years as a captive?

Her memory gets buried and only her new self - the really young lover of an Old Man is her life now.

But one never knows what small incident may jar a distant memory free.

In this story, 22 year old June finally realizes she is Jane Anders - the kidnapped 7 yr old who disappeared 15 years ago.


When a small asteroid stone lands at their house, a distraught Mother struggles to deal with her dysfunctional family as her, formally despicable, teenage Daughter evolves into an Alien, and a seemingly enlightened being.

DC DOG - Family Dramedy

Logline: When a neglected 11 yr old Boy struggles to help capture the escaped dog, a huge Russian Wolfhound, a gift to the POSTUS from the Russian Premiere, he decides to journey with the dog to the Atlantic Ocean, where he thinks he will find happiness, meeting new friends and eluding the Secret Service, the CIA & KGB, along the way.

EMPATH: Supernatural Drama

When their older brother is murdered, twins Sophia and Benji go after the killer… Sophie to heal him and Benji to see him dead.

Blood isn’t always thicker than water.

A deranged homeless man kills your cherished older brother. Revenge is normal but what about your Buddhist teachings?

Sophia, a professional Empath/Spiritualist, cannot condemn the poor man but her twin-brother, Benji, wants only to see this escaped killer on death row ASAP.

Sophia goes missing - tragedy builds upon tragedy.

But this is no tragedy - she has found Carlton, the homeless man, and uses every ounce of healing power she has to bring the schizophrenic man to sanity.

It’s takes a will of supernatural forces to make Benji see how his own vow of evil revenge is insanely wrong.

There is no going back but it seems there is a benevolent way forward.

LIMO: Drama-Coming of Age

A negligent father goes undercover and cooks up some life lessons for his son’s 18th birthday in an effort to make up for lost time in parenting.


How far will a father go to teach his spoiled son empathy and humility?

A Limo ride from hell for Anton’s 18th Birthday is what Dad thinks will put some backbone into his selfish, incapable kid.

Anton, his Girlfriend Jessica, and his friends thinks it’s party time but the driver, dad disguised as “Chuck,” takes the group on a string of pre-planned events created to give Anton some tough love and an education in reality.

Only it doesn’t seem to work.

As events blend with improvised catastrophe - nearing the end of the night it seems to be a failure, until a chance event gives Anton a turn to prove his mettle without even knowing it.