Logline: When all Zombies are regulated and mostly find work as Movie extras, one Lady-Zombie stages a coup to star with the Handsome Human Lead Actor, but when the the Government pills wear off the zombies eat everyone. Not to fear, the Lady bites the Handsome Actor and he comes back as a zombie just in time to rescue her and they live happily ever after.

Zombies are the worse treated minority of all time!

Most find employment as movie Extras to keep film production costs way down, only to dream of playing lead roles. Until Zombie Rachel falls for leading Man, (human) Chad.

The Zombies rise up and take over the set.

Rachel dreams come true as she and Chad reshoot the romantic scenes. But when her Government Pill wears off, she can’t help her “Zombie” desires and eats Chad’s brains!

Mayhem ensues as Humans fight a losing battle again the brain-starved Zombies. Just when all seems lost, the Cops bust down the Studio Doors. Rachel is cornered and as the leader of the revolt, sure to be jailed or much worse. But Chad comes back as a Zombie! Just in time to be the Hero he is in movies, and saves Rachel’s life.

Now, with cops as hostages, they blackmail the Mayor to grant them their legal freedom.


A fragile, retiring psychiatrist builds a house with no windows, to take her sweet revenge on the 5 responsible for her grandson’s death.


Life was good for Barbara, a respected, yet unconventional, psychiatrist, winding down an illustrious career and the grandson she raised by herself was half-way through college.

Who knew an innocent spring-break boat ride on local Lake Havasu would destroy it all?

Her grandson’s death was labeled accidental, but a viral video gets nationwide news coverage: her grandson’s awkward - almost laughable death.

Outraged that the video implies that his 5 friends were responsible, Barbara invites them into her new (escape-proof) house. A refuge for a unique style of revenge.

Unspeakable things happen and each one gets a video to share on the news just as awkward and devastating.

For shame as only after their demise does Barbara get a video of her grandson from a different angle to clearly see it was the Boat Crews fault all along!

Part two coming soon.

THE SLASHER MOVIE: Dark Comedy/Horror

Logline: When a “star-in-her-eyes” neophyte Actress dreams of being with her renowned “method” style acting Teacher, she lets no one else alive come between them.


She’s cast to perform in a Horror movie - What a Thrill!

She adores her most worthy “method” acting Teacher. However, he wants to land a stake in Hollywood by putting the talent of his unique teachings onscreen - 60 ft high, for all to marvel at.

In her make-believe world, she knows they will become the Top Hollywood Couple - the envy of the entire World.

How far will she go to make her dreams come true?

When fellow actors get too close to her beloved teacher, she takes bloody and barbaric actions far beyond her actors training. She will do anything to stop her Teacher from discovering her dark side and the ugly truth.

That’s right: What a Horror!